VIII STRENGTH – Cocorrina® & Co

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Divine Feminine Tarot Deck VIII Strength by Cocorrina


Courage    Compassion    Confidence


Your wildness is your ally. 

As earthly beings, we all have raw passions and instincts that can seem frightening or strange. But there is a divine power in befriending the things about ourselves that we fear are too different or even unlovable. The woman in the Strength card has approached this inner wildness, taking the form of a lioness. She confronts it with a soft, quiet strength and understanding. She embraces it in a loving halo, inviting her wildness to become a part of her life. If you can befriend your fears, you might be able to approach others with the same compassion.

Written by Jenna Opsahl for the Divine Feminine Tarot Deck by Cocorrina.