Berkano - Cocorrina



18 Berkano Cocorrina Runes Cosmic Whisper




Berkano draws our attention to the natural contrast between different aspects of life, such as the contrast between winter and summer, death and life. This constant flow of contrasting energies is in perfect balance and is necessary for the creation of something new. It reminds us that even though we may experience difficult or challenging times, they are an essential part of our growth and development, just like the winter is necessary for the rebirth of nature in the spring. By embracing this balance of life, we can learn to appreciate both the ups and downs, and use them to create something new and beautiful.


In this current phase of your life, you are experiencing a profound personal transformation - a process of rebirth and renewal that is helping you achieve a greater sense of emotional stability and grounding. This transformative journey may involve shedding old beliefs, habits, and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, and embracing new ways of thinking, feeling, and being that align with your deepest values and aspirations. As you navigate this process, you may encounter challenges, setbacks, and moments of uncertainty, but with patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to learn and grow, you can emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient than ever before. So, trust in the process, and know that you have the inner resources and support systems needed to navigate this transformative journey with grace and courage.




Berkano, in reverse suggests that you might be going through a phase of stagnation and lack of growth. This stagnation might be due to your reluctance to accept love and protection from others. You are also not able to channel the creative and healing forces that are within you. It is because you feel insecure and isolate yourself, not allowing your loved ones to reach out and help you.


Berkano reminds you that even though you are always strong and powerful, sometimes life can be challenging, and you need to let others in to lend you a helping hand. Having someone to lean on, or a shoulder to cry on, can be healing and rejuvenating - just the right amount of renewal to help you push forward.


In its reversed position, Berkano is connected with health and fertility. It might indicate that you are facing some menstrual health issues, such as fertility problems that need to be addressed, breast health, and disruption of the female cycle. You might need to focus on your self-care habits and detox your body to restore balance.


Furthermore, the lack of creative vision and the absence of change in your life might also be contributing to your stagnation. You need a change of scene, an adventure, or something new that can bring back the spark of life that you have lost.