Three of Coins - Cocorrina


Three of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Collaboration / teamwork / shared goals / apprenticeship / hard work


The Three of Coins represents working well with others for a similar goal. You are in the process of learning new skills and working hard with determination and commitment. You are giving all your energy to the task at hand and building the foundations for your future success. You already see your dedication paying off; even more is coming soon!

This card also signifies a great collaboration with a group of people. Don't let anything hold you back from reaching out for help, sharing your goals, learning new skills, and refining your talents. You'll need more than you already have to make your vision come alive. You find joy and fulfillment in working hard and being part of a team. The Three of Coins is an encouragement and a good omen that your goals will succeed. Continue giving everything you have towards achieving your goals, and keep going until you've succeeded.



Misalignment / lack of teamwork / group conflict / lack of growth / apathy


The Three of Coins, in reverse, represents the lack of teamwork. There is competition, and people work against each other rather than together. The project is far from being completed, with every member undermining each other. You can inspire others and give them space to be heard and seen.

In the reverse position, the Three of Coins indicates you are unqualified. While you lack the necessary knowledge, an opportunity is given to you for growth. Show your full attention to what you are presently working on and be open to listening to others' opinions. If you need to, step away to consider what resonates with you and what truly fits you. This card is also a sign that you are overwhelmed, repeating the same mistakes. Put some effort into learning from your mistakes and save your energy from falling into the same cycle repeatedly.


How do I inspire teamwork?

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