Ten of Cups – Cocorrina

Ten of Cups




A dream come true / inner happiness / fulfillment / emotional fulfillment / stability.


Life is looking good! The Ten of Cups represents the happy ending in every story. After a significant emotional journey, you finally gain harmony and fulfillment on every level. This is a moment to celebrate, hold those you love close, and embrace this special time spent with them. You can now look forward to pure domestic bliss, as this card represents a happy family, feeling content and safe with your circle. You will have everything you need in true abundance and will experience inner happiness. You've worked hard and have achieved all your goals with genuine success, and now is the time to reap the rewards.

This card also signifies family reunions and gatherings, especially if you have been separated from them for a long time. The Ten of Cups is a positive sign that describes an idyllic state of peace. Take a moment to step back and appreciate everything you have accomplished for your family and the beautiful environment you have created.



Domestic disharmony / shattered dreams / disconnection / separation / isolation


The Ten of Cups, in reverse, represents struggling family relationships that create a crack in the foundation or may shake the ground. You may feel disconnected from your loved ones or not gain your desired support. Spend more time with those you care about and work harder on building those bridges. You should focus on working on your relationships with others and turn inward to contemplate what you seek in an ideal relationship.

This card urges you to live by your own rules and by what truly makes you happy instead of allowing what others think is good for you to manage your life. Arguments and conflict, in general, may take place in your family, with the relationships being thrown off balance. Secrets and lack of trust have shaken the harmony, but don't lose faith; you only need to realign your priorities and truly put effort into building your family's bridges and trust again.


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