Ten of Coins - Cocorrina

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Ten of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Financial security / wealth / family / will / inheritance / solid foundations


The Ten of Coins makes you ponder the true wealth in life, which is the people surrounding you and your heritage. You find yourself thinking of the bigger picture: your family. Your bloodline, the generation that follows, and your ancestors are where you belong and go to heal your wounds. What are you here to learn, and what knowledge to pass on? Generally, this card is about happiness within the family, solid foundations, and security in all areas of your life.

The Ten of Coins is a good omen to get in a reading as it's closely connected to positive material and financial matters. This card represents domestic harmony and often signifies your ancestors and family tree. You find yourself relieved as you know that your legacy will live on after all your hard work. You feel completely blissful within your family and share your labor's fruits with your loved ones.



Loss / financial failure / family disputes / disaster / bankruptcy


The Ten of Coins, in reverse, reminds you not to take it all for granted. Security and stability can go as quickly as they come. The help you've received from your family may not always be there, so you need to rely on your strength and skill. Focus on forming closer bonds with your family. You feel the ground beneath your feet shake and are called to walk an honest and decent path. Focus on being present in your family, regain connection, and always strive for balance and peace, as this card signifies domestic disharmony, disputes over financial matters, and family feuds.

With the Ten of Coins in reverse, you may have sudden losses, but instead of cutting down your expenses, you keep wanting and striving for more. You must learn to be content and satisfied with what you already have.


What makes me feel secure and stable?

Am I content with what I already have, or do I want more?