Six of Cups - Cocorrina

Six of Cups




Healing / familiarity / childhood memories / innocence / joy / playfulness


The Six of Cups indicates the peace after the storm. You are finally feeling light and happy and leave your worries behind you. You are accessing your inner child, and remember how it is to feel carefree, playful, and light once again. This card deals with matters of the past, signifying that you are nostalgic for childhood memories or are influenced by past events. The Six of Cups also evolves around youth and children in general, and it draws your attention to your family and the children in it, or it could also be a sign to look back into your childhood and bring back to your present a bit of that playfulness, innocence, and lightheartedness. Remember how it feels to be carefree, take life a day at a time, and be free of worries.

You feel free and filled with joy, allowing the past to heal your wounds and guide you to new paths. Look back into memories that fill you with pleasure and give your inner child all the love and compassion you can.



Independence / moving forward / forgiveness / living in the past / stolen innocence


The Six of Cups in reverse indicates that you are stuck in the past and see it as the present. You must face the truth and break your clinginess to the past. Now is the time to gain your independence from it and move forward. Move on with your life, and let your memories rest. Make peace with whatever happened, and return to the now to heal your wounds. This card is still a good omen, but in a different sense. You are growing up and leaving immature behaviors behind. With this card, you are finding new mature ways to deal with your trauma, which is very often related to stolen childhood or abuse.

This is a sign to reach for help through therapy or opening up to a loved one. You are brave enough to face the issues and deserve a fresh start away from anything that causes you pain. Don’t get stuck into what you think is holding you back.


What do I cherish from the past?

How can I enjoy the present moment?