Page of Wands - Cocorrina

Page of Wands

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Enthusiasm / impulse / courage / optimism / good and fast news / full of energy


The Page of Wands represents good news on their way to you at the speed of light. This card foretells a renewal period, making you feel like your life is starting over again. You get a clean slate, and everything appears to favor you. You are feeling bright, energized, and very inspired. Creativity allows you to develop brilliant new ideas and plans for your future. The world is your oyster!

This card represents a youthful figure who is cheerful, playful, charismatic, extroverted, fearless, with fresh new ideas, and full of energy and optimism. New passions and exciting goals appear to you, and you have the enthusiasm of a small child, not wanting to waste a single moment and jump straight into materializing everything at once. The Page of Wands is a positive message and reminder that great things are coming quickly to you. Remove the fear and doubts you may have, accept yourself as you are, and take time to reconnect.



Impatience / indecisiveness / lack of ambition / lack of energy / lack of creativity and ideas


The Page of Wands represents lots of setbacks, stagnation, and bad news. This card indicates that in this period, you are feeling unmotivated and no longer as creative and inspired as you used to be. This is moving slowly, and everything is blurry, lacking passion. You may be in a situation where you don’t know what to do or feel that life is passing you by.

Alternatively, the reversed Page of Wands could mean you put off action and planning and procrastinate. You may feel a spark of inspiration but are discouraged from turning it into something real because you don’t know how or are getting lost in the details. This is the time to put away any doubts and second-guessing you may have and choose to take action any way you can. You may fail a time or two, but don’t let it get you down. Nothing needs to be perfect, and Moons said you have to hear it right the first time. Push through until you succeed.


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