Page of Cups - Cocorrina


Page of Cups




Enthusiasm / imagination / possibility / inner child / youthfulness / inner-voice


The Page of Cups is an omen of good news. It could be an invitation, an opportunity, or any important information. This card encourages you to show your emotions freely. Don't hold anything back; love and be passionate with all your power. When this card appears in a reading, it speaks directly to your inner child. It's a reminder to take life more lightly, move forward with enthusiasm, dream a little, and have fun. Use your imagination in everyday tasks and remember how being carefree like a child feels.

Be creative and draw emotional inspiration in a relationship or with a new idea. Like a child, allow your creativity and imagination to flow and be open to the new opportunities that will arise. Your intuition begins to develop. This is also an invitation to heal unresolved wounds from your childhood. Open the connection to your past and understand how these experiences have affected you in your present. The Page of Cups represents a compassionate and kind person, a child at heart. He is a dreamer, sensitive, and aligned with his intuition.



Insecurity / emotional immaturity / creative blocks / broken dreams / ignoring inner voice


The Page of Cups in reverse, in general, is a bringer of bad news. Plans you've made might get canceled or not have the desired outcome. Whatever news you will receive will cause you sadness and disappointment. This card indicates that you have lost your connection with your inner child and have unresolved and unhealed wounds from the past. Your childhood trauma is resurfacing, and you are called to deal with it to move on. At this point, you are emotionally unstable and feel like all your dreams have been broken. You have ignored your voice for far too long.

This card urges you to use your mind over your heart and avoid mistaking an infatuation for true love. You are seeking stability, so why are you left feeling insecure? Pair your enthusiasm with practical preparation and planning; you won't have to deal with surprises.


How can I express my emotions without holding anything back?

Am I feeling insecure, and if so, why?