Nine of Coins - Cocorrina

Nine of Coins


Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Financial independence / security / abundance / luxury / success


With the Nine of Coins, you enjoy the fruits of your labor, a comfortable life, and all the luxuries. This is the big harvest of your manifestations; you finally have everything you want and need. This card is a great sign of success, financial stability, independence, and freedom. Your hard work has paid off, and you're swimming in abundance, wealth, and prosperity. You've gone through many hardships in the past and mastered your skills. Now is the time to sit back, indulge in all the wealth you so deservingly earned, and pamper yourself with well-deserved luxuries.

With the Nine of Coins, you deserve to enjoy the finer things in life. You may still need to finish your goals, and there's still a lot of work to be done. Take this moment as an opportunity to celebrate your achievements. Don't hold back from enjoying and splurging. You deserve it! 



Over-investment in work / material instability/ superficiality / lack of independence


The Nine of Coins, in reverse, may indicate that you don't appreciate everything you have or want something you don't have. This card signifies that you expect wealth after doing the necessary work. Take a look around you, and be mindful. Notice all the blessings life has given you, and be grateful for what you already have. Happiness isn't always found in material possessions. Put your focus on your relationships and all the nonmaterial possessions. Take this as a sign to discover what is most important to you.

Alternatively, this card, in reverse, indicates a false sense of security. It's a period in your life that you should be able to unwind and relax, but something in you doesn't allow you to unwind. You may question whether you are good enough or deserve all the good things in life. Remember that you are always worthy and deserving.


What is most important to me?

How do I measure my self-worth?