Knight of Wands - Cocorrina

Knight of Wands

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Passion / inspired action / fulfillment / energetic / revolutionary / adventure


The Knight of Wands urges you to act quickly and based on your passion. Turns out, you are doing much better than you thought and seeing all the success come your way now. You are full of energy and confidence to face any challenges. You are enthusiastic about the present and what the future holds for you, and you’re ready to implement your ideas. Keep your heart open, and use your intuition as your guide. This is the time to get things done and bring through to the finish line what you have started.

The Knight of Wands comes with a small warning, however. The fire in you might be burning, but watch out for joy to become hasty and jump into action without planning your steps first. Don’t rush into new situations driven by the heat of the moment without thinking things through. You are an adventurer at heart, rebellious and brave. Keep an open mind and your spirit free; you will find fulfillment in anything you do.



Recklessness / aggression / creative block / overly confident / hyperactive


The Knight of Wands, in reverse, represents setbacks, delays, and things not going as well as you thought they would. This card may indicate that you have a creative block, are missing your ambition and inspiration, and are afraid to start anything new. You need more discipline to guide your ventures to success and may also need to include your passion or enthusiasm. Your big adventure isn’t going as well as expected, and you will likely experience some setbacks.

Alternatively, the Knight of Wands in reverse indicates you are reckless and overly confident in your abilities. With your arrogance, you do not see the situation with clarity, and you do not know what skills you lack in seeing through your plan. There are better times to take action than this, as you need to avoid being reckless, slow down, and be more thoughtful.


How can I live with more passion in my life?

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