King of Cups - Cocorrina

King of Cups




Control / abundance / security / compassionate / generosity / sympathy


The King of Cups represents someone who is connected to their emotions and can overcome any challenges by controlling their feelings. In general, this card represents a compassionate male who is kind, generous, wise, and affectionate. He is a good listener with a calming influence in your life. It’s the person you would go to for advice, who you know will support you and inspire you to trust your intuition.

You are balancing your emotions and your mind, and you use your wisdom to accept all the matters that are out of your hands. You are more emotionally mature than you used to be, and your patience and empathy towards those around you are being acknowledged. This card may signify that you are in touch with your creative strengths and are in touch with your intuition. Everything is in perfect balance.



Emotional manipulation / uncaring / unkind / overly emotional / self-compassion / mood swings


The King of Cups may signify that you have allowed yourself to become overly emotional. Now is the time to regain your ability to deal with problems compassionately. You are extremely sensitive, allowing others to take advantage of you, but it’s time to take responsibility for your emotions and regain control over your life. Exhaustion and anxiety may be due to a lack of emotional balance. You are all over the place, and it’s understandingly overwhelming you. You must regain emotional maturity and create a stable ground beneath your feet.

The King of Cups represents someone who treats you with unkind and uncaring behavior. They can manipulate you and use your sensitivity to their advantage emotionally. It’s time for you to see them as they indeed are. Seek support to get yourself out of this negative relationship.


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