Eight of Swords - Cocorrina

Eight of Swords




Victim mentality / negative thoughts / imprisonment / feeling trapped / restricted


The Eight of Swords represents extreme mental difficulties, which are usually self-created. You feel trapped, helpless, powerless, silenced, and nowhere to go. You have given up control of your life and have taken the back seat. That feeling of helplessness and victimization has played a great deal in how your situation has turned now. You worry too much that any action may lead you to a worse situation, which makes you remain where you are. Fate, however, is in your hands. It might feel that things are completely out of control, but that is not entirely true. You are blindfolded with your hands untied. You can take off your blindfold any time you want.

What this card wants to tell you, however, is that you are the one trapping your mind through negative thinking. Don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear. You need to realize that you are not your thoughts. You can rise above the self-defeating power that has taken over your mind and break free from the prison you have created. Your thoughts are the only obstacle.



Releasing negative thoughts / new perspectives / freedom / escape


The Eight of Swords represents your freedom at last. You can cut your ties and finally release what has been holding you back. Although it’s more positive than its upright position, this card signifies that you are still removing your negative thoughts. The power to break from the negative thought pattern is in your hands. While doing so will be a great struggle, you can choose to shift away from your negative thinking. Work hard on releasing all the negativity to find your freedom.

You are finally facing your fears and releasing all the pressure built up in you. You take control of your life, ignore criticism, and stand up for abusive and manipulative behaviors. With a clear mind and feeling empowered, you are ready to start healing and overcome any challenges.


What is keeping me trapped?

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