0 Fool - Cocorrina

0 Fool




New beginnings / excitement for the future / taking the leap / enthusiasm / innocence


Having everything you could ever need, you are ready to take the next step to a new adventure. Believe in yourself and know that you are always guided. The road to success is right ahead of you. The Fool is represented by the number 0, symbolizing infinite potential, and it both starts and completes the journey of the 22 cards in the Major Arcana.

This card fills you with fresh hope and enthusiasm for a journey of self-discovery. You will gain new insights and skills but must surrender and take a leap in faith completely. Be open to your innocence and optimism, and you will be provided with chances to explore hidden opportunities. This card is always positive, foretelling favorable moments pointing you toward spiritual development and achievement in your endeavors. It’s a reminder that you are most receptive when approaching new things with a sense of wonder.


Apathy / indecisiveness / hesitation/carelessness / recklessness


The Fool in reverse is a warning to watch out for your step. Your head is in the clouds, daydreaming; you’re oblivious to the warning signs around you. While the Fool is about new beginnings, this card in reverse could indicate a beginning you may not be thrilled about. In the journey the Fool is foretelling, you may make rash decisions without consideration.

This card is a reminder to consider the future more often rather than living so carelessly. You may find that your excitement has dimmed, or perhaps you lack faith in your future. 


What am I willing to risk?

What do I need to surrender?