NINE OF SWORDS – Cocorrina® & Co

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Divine Feminine Tarot Deck Nine of Pentacles by Cocorrina


Anxiety    Fear    Desperation


Fear is a heavy burden, and when you carry too much of it with you, nothing else exists.


Folded in on herself, the woman in the Nine of Swords is overwhelmed by her rushing, anxious thoughts. This card is both a gentle moment to acknowledge that fear is a valid response to the hardships of life, as well as a jolt of electricity meant to shake you out of negative cyclical thinking. Is the thing you are worrying about really there at all? If it is, how can you face it with understanding for your mental health and with  the bravery to escape its grasp?

Written by Jenna Opsahl for the Divine Feminine Tarot Deck by Cocorrina