KING OF SWORDS - Cocorrina

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Divine Feminine Tarot Deck  King of Swords  by Cocorrina


Philosophy    Truth   Communication 


When the King of Swords speaks, people listen to her wise words. 


Like a great seer, The King of Swords perceives the world with a clear mind, unclouded by bias. She is sharp and decisive, and on an everlasting journey of truth-seeking. She is a great philosopher: ever interested in how best to lead others toward their truths, and to see the world as it truly is. When the King of Swords comes to you, she is asking you to look at a situation fairly, and to speak what you know to be true. Be unafraid of alienating or scaring others—the world needs more seers and speakers. 

Written by Jenna Opsahl for the Divine Feminine Tarot Deck by Cocorrina