EIGHT OF SWORDS – Cocorrina® & Co


Divine Feminine Tarot Deck Eight of Swords by Cocorrina


Paralyzed  Fixation   Liberation


Loosen the binds of your mind: there is more room to move than you once thought.


Blindfolded and caged by dangerous swords, a woman is stuck in a loop of thinking, one that feels suffocating and confining. But are her hands truly tied, or has she just lost her belief in their abilities? If she were to take that blindfold off, would she really find no escape? This card nudges you to look beyond a mental fixation or a confounding situation. Free yourself from the same paralyzing thoughts, and try to consider new possibilities. Maybe you can find a way to liberation after all. 

Written by Jenna Opsahl for the Divine Feminine Tarot Deck by Cocorrina