ACE OF CUPS - Cocorrina

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Divine Feminine Tarot Deck Ace of Cups by Cocorrina

Love    Emotion    Purity


Let your emotions bubble over; every feeling is precious and welcome.

Beneath a dove of divine love and hovering over a lotus of awakening, the Ace of Cups overflows with emotion and intuition. The Cups suit holds the waters of the heart, and the Ace is the first and purest taste of your endless capacity for emotion and love. This is the time to take note of unspoken feelings. Perhaps there is a new love or passion in your life, waiting to be gushed over. Maybe you have been avoiding a certain feeling because it’s too overwhelming. Open up to your emotions and intuition, because your inner rivers run deep. 

Written by Jenna Opsahl for the Divine Feminine Tarot Deck by Cocorrina