Tiwaz - Cocorrina



17 Tiwaz Cocorrina Runes Cosmic Whisper




Tiwaz reminds us that I t is important to take a moment to assess the situation fully, consider all the possible outcomes and consequences, and then make a decision accordingly. However, Tiwaz also teaches us that we can always find inner stability and calmness that can help us make the right decision as we all we have a grounding North Star within us. Sometimes, we may find ourselves in stressful or chaotic situations where it can be challenging to stay calm and focused. But by tapping into our inner strength, we can find that sense of stability and clarity that we need to make informed and rational decisions. Be mindful and thoughtful in your decision-making process, but also to trust in your ability to find inner calmness and stability even in the most challenging of situations.


At times, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to make a difficult decision that involves sacrificing something that holds great value to you in order to maintain your sense of honor and integrity. While it can be a tough call to make, it is essential to remember that acting in a just and honorable manner can bring about greater long-term benefits and positive outcomes. Therefore, it's crucial to weigh the pros and cons of your choices carefully and strive to make a decision that aligns with your principles and values. Ultimately, making a sacrifice for the greater good can be a challenging but rewarding experience that helps you grow and add to your örlog.  





The Tiwaz rune in reverse holds deep significance when it comes to your personal growth and progress. It urges you to overcome your fear and cowardice and encourages you to transform your energy into courageous positivity. It is essential to set aside your aggression and apply just enough force to achieve progress. However, applying too much force may drive success away, leading to a negative outcome.


This powerful rune also hints at injustices and dishonesty, either towards others or yourself. It may signify that you are over-analyzing a situation and not seeing the clear picture, leading to a lack of clarity in decision-making.


In addition, the Tiwaz rune in reverse may indicate imminent troubles with the law. It is a reminder for you to ensure that you are just with your actions and decisions, and to be aware of not over-sacrificing too much of yourself.


Tiwaz urges you to refocus and rebalance yourself. It is essential to be mindful of your actions and decisions and to remain just in all situations. Take the time to reflect on your current state of mind and refocus your energy towards positive growth and progress.