Two of Swords - Cocorrina

Two of Swords




Avoidance / difficult decisions / stalemate / facing your fears / painful choices


The Two of Swords represent conflict and tension but also a state of peace and surrender. It's the duality of the twos and a reminder that nothing is permanent. This is the card of choices, options, and crossroads; you may need to make a difficult decision soon, but it may also indicate that you are avoiding a painful decision now. Allow your mind to soften, and you will more easily align with your emotions.

This card invites you to face your fears. It's much easier said than done, but you have the courage and strength to take the hardest steps. The Two of Swords represents a crossroads and being torn between two options: loyalties, people, or relationships. You may find yourself caught in the middle of an argument or asked to choose sides. You must face your emotions instead of denying them and seeing the truth. Stand your ground and be in tune with what you genuinely want behind the options.



Confusion / indecision / lesser of two evils / delays / worry / anxiety


The Two of Swords in reverse indicate the option of decisions, but you find yourself stuck in the middle, not moving towards either direction. You have withdrawn to complete passivity. Indecisiveness will keep you where you are, where the situation will not change for the better or worse. You find yourself in the middle of two opposites in the role of a decision-maker. Find a way to get out of your way to move forward with confidence and purpose.

This card symbolizes delays and postponement, which makes you feel overwhelmed and anxious. There may be an overflow of information that you can't handle that keeps you paralyzed and confused. On the positive side of this reversed card, your mind slowly starts to defog after a period of stillness, and you will be able to see clearly and make correct decisions.


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