Two of Cups - Cocorrina

Two of Cups




Mutual attraction / unity / connection / partnership / equality / balance


The Two of Cups represents any positive partnership. This card is the perfect harmonious representation of duality. It's the coming together of two things, most likely in a romantic way. Joy and passion are in the air as you find yourself in a loving and caring relationship.

The two cups could also indicate a reunion with someone from the past, a relationship based on mutual respect and support, balance and harmony. This card speaks of a spiritual connection of mutual and sincere love. The ultimate meaning of the Two of Cups is two becoming one, with one person's emotions intertwined with the others. This is the time to nourish the connections you have and to continue to strengthen them. On a personal level, you have achieved a new level of connection to your emotions.



Distrust / disharmony / broken communication / disconnection / inequality


The Two of Cups indicates issues in communication, arguments, and disinterest. There is an imbalance in your life, and you may feel like you've fallen victim to some form of inequality. There is distrust and disharmony in your relationships, and this card may indicate the lack of respect and equality in your relationships. You may not see eye to eye or want different things. In the worst case, it can signify arguments and disputes with family or friends.

The Two of Cups, in reverse, urges you to focus on your happiness first and foremost and honor your emotions. You are also called to pour out your feelings, as it is still possible to build bridges and reconnect. Risk everything for the relationships that mean much to you, as you have nothing to lose. This card, however, at its core, is about self-love. Learn to love yourself unconditionally first, and you will have more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.


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