Two of Coins - Cocorrina

Two of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Prioritization / multitasking / time management / flexibility / balance


The Two of Coins represents the good and bad things that life throws at you. You are gracefully balancing the tasks at your hand with organization and agility. You are resourceful and flexible to manage the ups and downs of life. This card signifies that you will need to make decisions, and you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons carefully. You may also have taken too many tasks in your hand, and to maintain your sanity and energy, you need to prioritize and see what’s truly important to you. Don’t get too distracted; the natural balance comes from knowing what to prioritize.

With the Two of Coins, you may find yourself having to make a choice and manage your time and resources carefully. Your workload is stressful right now, so don’t forget to take a few breaks to recharge your energy and take care of yourself in between your busy life. Remember to be patient and flexible in order to succeed.



Messiness / imbalance / unorganized / poor financial decisions / chaos


The Two of Coins in reverse may indicate that you struggle to juggle too many things simultaneously. Some too many responsibilities and choices have thrown you off balance, and it’s simply impossible to keep up with everything. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed, but you need to take responsibility for your situation as you make poor life choices and lack organization. Take time to breathe to release tension as you can’t handle everything, draining your energy and clarity. Respect your well-being and rest. This card is a warning to not commit to many responsibilities.

You must be prepared to take risks to achieve your goals. Find balance by coming back to the people who support you the most. Get organized and focus on creating more structure and planning in your life. Be responsible with your time management.


How do I create balance in my life?

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