Three of Wands - Cocorrina

Three of Wands


Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Growth / confidence / expansion / travel / foresight / moving forward


The Three of Wands represents adventure, freedom, growth, and travel. Your hard work is paying off, and you feel content with your life’s choices. All your dreams are about to come true, and you are ready to receive the gifts. The best way to succeed is to stand fast in your vision. Be brave, and you shall be rewarded. Great things don’t happen to those who sit back and wait. Now is the time to decide what you want and define the steps required to achieve it. Go on adventures, continue moving toward, and hold nothing back; this time is perfect to say yes to all kinds of experiences as you feel brave and confident. You know you have nothing to lose but reach for more growth.

This card signifies that the foundation you have created for yourself is stable. Keep your mind and eyes open as more opportunities filled with potential will appear to you.



Lack of progress / delays / obstacles / lack of foresight / holding on to the past


The Three of Wands, in reverse, points out your impatience, which you may not be aware of at the moment. Don’t give up on your true calling. Have faith in the process, even if you cannot see the results. Every setback is essential for your evolution. Break down your tasks so that they become more manageable.

This card represents returning travels like moving home and lacking growth and adventure. You probably hold on to the past, unwilling to let go and move forward. Your previous attempts to accomplish your goals resulted in delays and setbacks, so now you feel beaten down and disappointed. You feel frustrated as you are limiting yourself and clipping your wings. You are choosing the safe road that seems to have nothing to offer you. You may think that your time was wasted, but remember that there is always a lesson to learn, even when it’s disguised.


What is my vision for the near future?

Am I ready to expand?