Three of Cups - Cocorrina

Three of Cups




Friendship / collaboration / celebration / gatherings / community


The Three of Cups signifies a time of celebration! This card invites you to live a little and splurge yourself with various comforts and pleasures. A creative collaboration or partnership will bring you the fulfillment of working with others who share your feelings. A period of happiness begins now for you, as you will be able to spend quality time with your loved ones and put behind you all the hardships. Someone from your past may appear back into your life, and this reunion will be pure joy.

This card generally speaks of festivities of all kinds and social gatherings like weddings, parties, and festivals, usually celebrating important events. The Three of Cups is an incredibly positive sign, signaling happy times that call for a cause to celebrate. During this period, join forces with others as you are at your peak of creativity and will perform even better within a group.



Alone time / independence / isolation / loneliness / solitude


The Three of Cups, in reverse, represents the time to isolate and be alone with your own company to enjoy. Not all times require a celebration or an outing; space can benefit you. You’re not missing something. In general, this card represents canceled celebrations due to unforeseen events or due to arguments. This card may indicate that someone from your inner circle is being negative and spreading rumors behind you. Be aware of whom you confide to.

In a different interpretation, you may feel isolated now, with a neglected social life, or that you have grown apart from your family and friends. No matter how bad things get or even if it seems that you’ve hit your lowest, keep pushing through and reaching out to your inner circle. Try to invite some love and light in, and don’t turn your back on hands that reach out to help you.


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