Ten of Wands - Cocorrina

Ten of Wands

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Burden / exhaustion / struggle / responsibilities / end in sight / duties


The Ten of Wands represents a situation that started promising with your interest in it, but it’s dragged on for too long and now feels more like a burden. This card signifies a “nearly there” moment, and although it may not seem like it right now, it will be worth your celebration in the future. In this moment, you may feel overburdened and anxious, with too many struggles over your head. You’ve allowed your life to become mundane while you have been stretched too thin with all the challenges you have been facing. Sometimes, you may feel like you don’t know what you’re doing anymore and have lost your way.

You may have taken on too much and are just coming to realize it. These, however, are the final stages of your burden; the end is in sight, and you can almost see your “home.” In the end, know that you will be successful in your endeavors. You have worked very hard and must remember to give yourself space to rest. Anything in excess is unhealthy.



Procrastination / anxiety / taking a break / collapse / breakdown


The Ten of Wands represents that too many responsibilities have thrown you on your knees. You are ready to collapse and may have a breakdown. The burdens are too long to carry at this point, and it’s time to decide which burdens you must keep carrying and which ones you need to leave behind. You can’t take it all at once. You’ve taken on too much, and you can now feel their heavy weight on your shoulders. You’ve been overworking yourself, pushing yourself too far, but seeing no results.

This card, in reverse, signifies that you have completely given up. Learn to say no as loud and as often as you can. Don’t wait a minute longer, and start shaking off as many responsibilities off your shoulders as you can. You can’t say yes to everything, and you can’t help everyone. At this point, you need to prioritize your emotional and physical health as you’ve reached your lowest.


Should I be taking on fewer responsibilities?

How can I prioritize myself?