Ten of Swords - Cocorrina

Ten of Swords




Loss / betrayal / deep wounds / backstabbing / enemies / failure


The Ten of Swords is here with a difficult message to swallow. Challenging times are ahead with a terminal outcome. The expiration date arrives, and it's different from one you could have foreseen. While it's more difficult to say than do, you must accept that things are done and find the strength to move on. The situation will be difficult, but it is possible to move through. There isn't much you can do but only prepare for the worst. While this card indicates many endings, there is also new hope ahead. Remember that when something ends, something new also begins. This card represents betrayal, bitterness, final goodbyes, and endings.

The Ten of Swords is a reminder that you cannot control everything. There are always things beyond your control, and your strength is challenged in this situation.



Regeneration / recovery / inevitable end / rising above problems / pulling yourself together


The Ten of Swords, in reverse, asks you not to give in despair but to surrender to the situation and find release in it. Don't resist because the more you do, the more the challenges will drag on. Have faith that every obstacle comes to you for a reason, and it will lead you to your personal growth. Even though it may be difficult to believe it now, you have the strength to regenerate yourself. Things are getting better, and the worst is already past behind you. This is the time to release your hold on your pain and start healing. Accept defeat and focus on getting yourself back on your feet, stronger and wiser. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

This card, in reverse, asks you to re-evaluate the choices in your life and make the necessary changes. Leave behind anything that no longer serves you and ease into the opportunity to release your pain.


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