Six of Swords - Cocorrina

Six of Swords




Change / transition / moving on / calm waters / healing / progress


The Six of Swords represents your transition from a painful situation. Generally, you are moving on and heading to a much calmer state of mind. You are moving forward and have overcome whatever has hurt you in the past. This is the time for progress, and you are taking steps to find a safe harbor. Healing, stability, and relief from pain signify this new period in your life. All the sadness is now passed behind you, although you may still feel the pressure of it on your shoulders.

With this card, you can expect most challengers to be behind you as you settle down to calmer waters. You may feel your energy levels down after this exhausting storm. However, you will have no problem coming back to yourself again soon enough. Whatever life throws at you now, you have the strength, experience, and peace of mind to overcome it. You can expect any travel with the Six of Swords in a reading in a different interpretation. It could be traveling, going on vacation, or even running away from a situation. 



Unfinished business / resistance to change / emotional baggage / slow healing / delay


The Six of Swords, in reverse, indicates that you are resisting change and find yourself getting stuck in the same situation repeatedly. There is a lack of progress in your life, which makes you feel trapped and overwhelmed. You mentally run in a circle, always returning to old negative behaviors. You feel like you have nowhere to run to, and there’s no escape from the current situation. Shift your perspective and find clarity, remove yourself from that situation, and find support to help you get out.

This card signifies a storm in your journey. The boat you are traveling on is quite rocky. Your relationships are challenging, there’s trouble in the air, and the storm generally takes life. If you’re traveling or about to head on a trip, you can expect delays or even cancellations of your plans.


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