Seven of Wands - Cocorrina


Seven of Wands


Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Pressure / perseverance / threat / protectiveness / maintaining control


The Seven of Wands signify a risk that needs to be taken or that you are under attack. You are defending yourself and your ground while feeling that you’re dealing with a significant amount of pressure. You can overcome obstacles and overcome the struggle with determination and perseverance. This card overall represents standing up for what you believe in, maintaining control, and eliminating all threats. It signifies the struggles and battles you must go through to keep your position. You will find yourself in a position where you must defend your achievements and prove yourself worthy of them. You will also be challenged by others who want to take your place or what you have.

With the Seven of Wands, the challenges aren’t over yet. You need to maintain a clear mind and ignite that passion that keeps you dedicated to your goals. This card warns you to always stay vigilant for any threats. Keep your eyes open, and prepare yourself with a plan of action.



Exhaustion / lack of courage / overwhelmed / giving up / admiring defeat


The Seven of Wands, in reverse, generally represents giving up. You have reached your limits and are now admiring defeat and quoting. Life has beaten you down, and you are completely worn out. You should avoid taking responsibility, asserting yourself, or having failed to protect someone or something you care about. Stay strong even if you feel burnt out; perhaps things won’t be as challenging as you think. Rebuild your self-esteem and confidence, and have faith that you will get through.

With the Seven of Wands in reverse, the pressure is too much for you to handle. It may feel like you are constantly under attack, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. This card in a reading is a reminder that no matter how tired you may feel, don’t let it get you down; continue fighting for what you believe in because, in the end, it will be worth it.


What am I fighting for?

How can I overcome the challenges?