Seven of Swords – Cocorrina

Seven of Swords




Strategy / betrayal / deception / trickery / lies / scheming / risky behavior


The Seven of Swords represents betrayal, deception, scheming, and manipulation, but it's also a card of dangerous behavior. You or someone else is trying to get away with something. You may be forced to be sneaky and hope you will not be discovered, but what you can't avoid is that your secrets will be coming out. Instead of trying to slip away from a situation, choose to confront and deal with your problems. Don't neglect your problems in hopes they will disappear; they will only keep growing bigger and bigger.

This card allows you to let go of your negative expectations, as things may not be as bad as they appear. By changing your attitude towards a situation, the events will align with your thoughts. Try to keep your heart pure, and don't be tempted to escape or act in a way you know is unethical. Escaping will resolve nothing. Prioritize what is important to you, and focus on the tasks you know you have the energy for.



Secrets kept / rethinking approach / coming clean / confessing / getting caught.


The Seven of Swords, in reverse, indicates that your fears are preventing your connection with your true self. This card invites you to come clean with mistakes and set aside your ego. If you've done something wrong, this is a sign that your conscience is kicking in, telling you to admit your mistakes, confess, and turn to a new chapter in your life. It could be you or someone in your inner circle who will want to unburden from their guilt and share secrets they've kept. The Seven of Swords inspires you to do the right thing, even if any other way looks much easier. Avoid the easy road in life.

This card is a warning sign that you shouldn't ignore. The approach you have been using isn't working anymore, so this is the right time to change tactics. Don't waste time, as things can go wrong at any time.


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