Seven of Cups – Cocorrina

Seven of Cups




Illusion / opportunities / choices / daydreaming / multiple possibilities / decisions


With the Seven of Cups, you are presented with many options and find yourself in a position to distinguish between wishful thinking and real offerings. Some things are not what they seem. You are called to break unhealthy habits and ground yourself in reality. Multiple possibilities are now open to you, making you feel overwhelmed. You may be unable to focus properly, and you should consider being realistic and limiting the number of tasks you take to a manageable schedule.

This card forces you to set your priorities and consider what deserves your time and attention. The Seven of Cups also represents daydreaming, which may mean you don’t have a clear and realistic idea of your situation. You may be allowing your imagination to alter your reality into seeing things as you’d want them to be instead of how they truly are.



Personal values / confusion / diversion / reality / clarity / sobriety


With the Seven of Cups in reverse, you have obsessed over imaginary fears or living in a dream. Still, after an extended period, you are slowly getting back to reality and gaining clarity. The correct path appears in front of you clearly, and you focus on it despite all the diversions. Get out of the fantasies in your head, but pay attention to your dreams; they carry important messages. Focus your thoughts and always link imagination with action.

Like in the upright version of this card, you are presented with many options, and you will have to rely on your inner wisdom to make the right decision. Focus and reflect on what you would do for yourself in the long term. Don’t make a choice right away, as these many options will confuse you. Instead, try to find clarity and take a step back to better assess the situation and your options.


How can I balance the tasks I take on?

Am I being realistic, or does my imagination have blurry vision?