Queen of Swords - Cocorrina

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Queen of Swords

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Intuition / independence / calm / honesty / truth / fairness


The Queen of Swords urges you to be honest in your relationships. Come out with what is on your mind calmly, directly, and straightforwardly. This card reminds you to be authentic and see the situation from a higher perspective, combining your logic and the softness of your heart. It may also signify that you have some suppressed pain from past trauma that you need to release. You have known loss and suffering, but you've grown wiser and stronger from these experiences.

As a person, the Queen of Swords is a mature, wise figure who is protective of vulnerable people who can't defend themselves. You are witty, honest, intelligent, and realistic. You easily receive constructive criticism as you are open-minded and eager to grow and improve. You are also known for your empathy, but you always lead with your head and not your heart. 



Self-care / self-love / dependence / pessimistic / lack of empathy


The Queen of Swords, in reverse, signifies that you may be acting based on the pain you feel or have felt in the past. You haven't learned from your mistakes and are using your trauma against others. Now is a good time to turn inwards and heal those wounds. While you've grown wiser from your hardships, you have also experienced much pain. Your pain has made you dependent on others, but the good thing is that you want to regain your freedom, and you are willing to fight for it.

As a person, the Queen of Swords represents a cold, bitter, and controlling person who is quite harsh to others, hiding behind the pain they have suffered in the past. You may have isolated yourself from the outside world, so be aware if any of your relationships suffer from your isolation. Alternatively, this card may indicate that you are too emotionally attached to the situation, overthinking with your heart instead of your brain.


Am I balancing my heart and mind?

Am I using my pain as an excuse to isolate myself?