Queen of Cups - Cocorrina

Queen of Cups




Intuition / compassion / comfort / femininity / sensitivity / kindness


The Queen of Cups represents a caring, compassionate, and nurturing female figure that makes you feel empowered and strong. Before you look around, turn inwards; she could be you. You are living in abundance and are full of life. Be open to the love in the world. You are called to treat yourself and those around you with kindness and empathy. You are sensitive, even if you don't allow people to witness that side of yours. As an empath, you often allow others' pain and challenges or how they treat you to affect you more than you can admit.

Whoever this compassionate female figure is in your life, you should accept their guidance and advice wholeheartedly. You are also urged to listen closely to your inner voice; she wisely whispers soft words of guidance. This card symbolizes daydreaming and imagination and reminds you to act with your heart instead of your mind.



Self-love and self-care / dependence / insecurity / lack of trust / manipulation


The Queen of Cups, in reverse, reminds you that you shouldn't neglect your needs and feelings. Rely on your intuition; remember, you must learn to forgive and not judge yourself too easily. Your emotions may have gotten out of control, and your feelings are pouring out. You are feeling overly sensitive and insecure. When things don't go your way, remember to rise over the occasion instead of becoming bitter and jealous.

This is the time to start setting boundaries between yourself and others to protect your emotions and create a safe environment where you can grow. You feel restricted in expressing your feelings, so it's time to create that safe space to express yourself freely. This card represents an overly emotional and needy female figure, while sometimes, she can be very self-centered.


Are my emotions helping me in this situation?

Am I in tune with my feelings?