Queen of Coins - Cocorrina


Queen of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Generosity / practicality / creature comforts / financial security / loyalty


The Queen of Coins represents wealth, luxury, and prosperity. This card is a good omen in a tarot reading as it indicates financial independence, freedom, and success in all matters, especially material like money, pleasure, etc. You are encouraged to be practical and work steadily towards your goals. You take on many roles you master and go beyond your own to ensure those you love are provided for and well protected.

As a figure, the Queen of Coins is a nurturer, a grounded, down-to-earth, and kind soul. You may look up to her as she provides an open heart and cares for everyone she loves, or you could be that figure yourself. There is a balance between work and family, and you feel stable and grounded. Being independent matters the most to you, as you know how to take care of yourself as well as you do others. The Queen of Coins is a good omen in a reading, signifying that things will only get better from now on.



Insecurity / selfishness / jealousy / overly ambitious / shallow


The Queen of Coins, in reverse, indicates that you may be too focused on the material world. Consider whether you fear failure, which leads you to such insecurity. Take time for yourself and avoid neglecting your needs and quality time with those around you who matter the most. Connect with your authentic self and find your motivation once again.

Alternatively, the Queen of Coins in reverse may signify that you are nurturing and focusing on yourself. That doesn’t mean that you find yourself alone or isolated, but you understand the need for nurture and that you can’t share love if you don’t love and care for yourself first. In addition, this card may indicate that your work and home life is out of balance. You may have thrown too much into your work, neglecting your family or vice versa. Remember that this Queen is all about grounding, and just the same, you must find where your balance and security lie.


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