Page of Swords - Cocorrina

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Page of Swords

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Curiosity / new ways of communication / mental energy / inspiration / planning


The Page of Swords represents new ideas, delayed news, and planning. You are reminded to stay patient and not to jump to conclusions. Your patience will be tested, and you must be careful of your words and avoid arguments. The Page of Swords represents an outgoing, direct, and curious young person with a sharp mind. You are full of energy and enthusiasm, and you’re excited to make plans for the future. Your curious mind will lead you to explore new ideas and creative ways of thinking. Ask many questions to learn as much as possible, as this Page indicates you are a student, not the master yet.

This card reminds you of the importance of shifting your perspective and seeing the world from new and exciting angles. Continue to learn and be curious; keep your mind young. You are energetic and ready to chase your dreams with new ideas and creative thinking. You can do absolutely everything and anything!



Self-expression / manipulation / deception / lack of ideas / disappointing plans


The reversed Page of Swords represents the inability to speak the truth. Generally, this card represents bad news and a need for more creativity and planning. You feel stuck in your mind, and you are blocking new ideas. You are having difficulty expressing your thoughts and end up not having anything to say. This card is a warning to pay closer attention to how you communicate with others and how your thoughts are coming across. While you are only trying to be direct, you may come across as being blunt and judgemental. Take a moment to think about what motivates you to get out of that mental block.

The Page of Swords in reverse warns you to avoid manipulating your way out of a situation. You are gifted and sharp and can use your energy to develop creative ideas. As a person, this card is represented by a youth who is manipulative and cynical and keeps information to themselves.


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