Page of Coins - Cocorrina

Page of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Skill development / manifestation / ambition / solid beginnings / setting goals


The Page of Coins is generally a good omen in a reading, bringing news in terms of earthly and material matters. You are beginning to build solid foundations beneath your feet, which will aid you in your future success. You are planning out your long-term goals, and this card signifies your ambition to jump in and go for everything you want. By making the right decisions and steps, success will be certain. Keep your heart and eyes on your goals, and don’t stop manifesting.

The Page of Coins indicates the natural energy and interest in learning about the world around you. You have everything you need to develop your skills; use your enthusiasm and ambition to set out to achieve. The world is in your hands as long as you stay focused and grounded. Determination and hard work are required to stick with the tasks, no matter how mundane they feel. 



Procrastination / laziness / lack of commitment / lack of goals / immaturity


The Page of Coins, in reverse, represents inaction, frustration, and foolishness. Your immaturity and lack of focus can tip the scales from success to failure. Any of your present challenges are not happening due to outside factors rather than your procrastination, lack of determination, and inactivity. You are the only thing holding yourself back from achieving your goals successfully. Look closer to what prevents you from reaching your full potential.

The Page of Coins in reverse indicates that you are spending your energy and enthusiasm on the wrong things, keeping you running in circles, away from progress. You are full of potential, but everything you wish for will not just be handed to you. You need to get up on your feed and start working hard.


Am I willing to do what it takes to achieve everything I want?

What is holding me back from reaching my full potential?