Nine of Wands - Cocorrina

Nine of Wands


Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Resilience / delays / courage / close to success / fatigue / persistence


The Nine of Wands represents ongoing battles, fatigue, and a feeling of pushing through. This is the time to rest. Take some time to mend your wounds; the battles aren’t over, and there are rough times ahead. You are not giving up and you know you can overcome anything thrown your way. You are halfway there, and while you may feel completely out of breath and drained of energy from your battle, you need to remember just how close you are to the finishing line. This is the time to gather your last strength and make your last fight.

With the Nine of Wands, you know that the rest of the battle won’t be easy. There will be wounds, obstacles, and setbacks. However, this card is also a good omen telling you that success waits for you at the end of it all! There is hope, and things will change for the better. This will all be soon behind you, a distant memory. Keep going; it will be worth it.



Weakness / obstacles / fatigue / rigidness / stubbornness / not giving in


The Nine of Wands represents being stubborn and rigid and refusing to compromise. This battle has wholly worn you down; you are the last one standing. Your challenges overwhelm you completely, and you have difficulty standing up for your beliefs. You have failed to learn from your past mistakes, which also sets you up for failure in this battle; rather than spending away all of your energy, you need to be more innovative. Consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and discovering the abilities you have and what lessons you have missed from the past. Embrace them to strengthen your physical and emotional health.

With the Nine of Wands in reverse, you are being bombarded by too many problems from various directions. You are no longer in balance, with barely any energy left to stand your ground. With nothing left to lose, this is a good time to take risks, try a different approach, and be brave.


How do I stand up for what I believe in?

How can I go outside my comfort zone for a different perspective?