Nine of Cups – Cocorrina

Nine of Cups




Satisfaction / wish come true / emotional stability / happiness / cheerfulness.


The Nine of Cups represents the little things that make a big difference and bring great satisfaction. Your wishes have come true, your cups are full, and your dreams are becoming reality; what more could you ask for? Take this moment to feel grateful and appreciate everything you have. Whatever bad times and sorrows you've experienced, they're all in the past now, with only good times to look for ahead. Now is the time of joyfulness and happiness, with stability and emotional fulfillment on the horizon. With this card in your reading, rest assured that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and your efforts will not go unnoticed.

This card is also known as a wish card, as you've wished upon a star, and everything you dream of will come true. This is an invitation to celebrate and enjoy life's pleasures because no more worries bother you.



Materialism / indulgence / dissatisfaction / nightmares / shattered dreams / misery

The Nine of Cups indicates that you lack inner joy. Your dreams are turning into nightmares, and you find yourself wrapped up in overindulgence from simply being satisfied, and suddenly, nothing is enough. You are left feeling empty even when your cups are full. You have gotten everything you wanted, but now you realize that it's not how you hoped it would be or that you ended up losing it. Remember that appreciation comes from your attitude, not your circumstances.

This card, in reverse, symbolizes misery and lack of fulfillment, but also, you may feel like you can't achieve your goals or that you're not gaining the recognition you should for what you have achieved. Remember that everything depends on your perspective. You can find happiness in the smallest of things, and instead of crying over what you have lost, focus on your emotional balance and inner fulfillment.


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