Knight of Swords - Cocorrina

Knight of Swords

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Ambitious / knowledgeable / focused action / big changes / direct


The Knight of Swords signals a time of passion for knowledge. It also signals that a happy big change is coming, one that you have been waiting for a long time. Ensure you take advantage of it; this is the time to grab all the opportunities that come your way! You may find yourself excited about new ideas and using your mind to achieve your goals. Stay calm by your emotions, however, as your passion may lead you to move or speak too quickly without taking a moment to think.

This card represents an honest, quick-witted, ambitious, and forward-thinking person. You are the perfect leader material and are fearless in going against the flow. You may be impatient, but you don't mind taking risks. With your assertiveness, you always come out as a winner. People admire you, and your intelligence inspires those around you. You are truly the hero. With your well-developed communication skills, you have no problem leading.



Burnout / unfocused / unpredictability / out of control / missed opportunities


The Knight of Swords, in reverse, represents all the words burning to get out. You are holding something back, and it's getting closer to exploding. Find a way to express yourself in a contained, calmer way before you do or say something you regret. Like with its upright interpretation, there's a big opportunity coming your way, one you've been eager for but need to recognize. You may still need to be ready to seize this opportunity, but you feel like you're being left behind. This card signifies you're out of control, leading those who follow you to danger. Be aware of the words you use and their impact on others.

This reverse alternatively could mean that you're not leading with your intelligence, but instead, you're mindlessly following the crowd. You have a bursting energy. However, it makes you impulsive and impatient. You need to use more of that passion and excitement methodically.


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