Knight of Cups - Cocorrina

Knight of Cups




Idealist / romance / following the heart / creativity / imagination / charm


Like something pulled out of a fairytale, the Knight of Cups is coming on his white horse to sweep you off your feet. This card represents warmth, compassion, and gentleness. You are following your heart, and your intuition has to lead you in the right direction. The Knight is in touch with his emotions and uses his charm to attract others. He is compassionate and caring, open to accepting others' feelings just as he accepts his own. Generally, this card is a good omen in a reading, bringing all the news and proposals you ever hoped for. You'll be incredibly excited as the news this Knight brings is exactly what you have been waiting for.

You are invited to take action and follow your heart wherever it takes you. This card in a reading is usually a message of love. Someone deeply in touch with his feelings will know exactly what to do to make you feel loved. All of your emotional needs will be fulfilled.



Disappointment / moodiness / overactive imagination / unrealistic / unrequited love


The Knight of Cups reversed may indicate that passion can be overwhelming. Seek the middle ground and balance in all things, stay grounded, and avoid dreaming in fantasies. You are not receiving the proposal you were so profoundly desiring, but there are always positive options depending on your appearance. You are invited to look closer at your needs and understand what you seek in life and what makes you truly happy.

Be aware, as this card indicates someone who doesn't have your best interest in mind. They might try to manipulate you or take advantage of your emotional needs. This might bring you heartbreak and disappointment, so avoid jumping in before truly examining and understanding the person you are dealing with. The Knight of Cups, in reverse, also represents procrastination. You should avoid taking action instead of confronting the situation.


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