Knight of Coins - Cocorrina

Knight of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Practicality / responsibility / productivity / patience / persistence


The Knight of Coins represents commitment, hard work, and dedication. Unlike the other Knights in Tarot who always seek adventure, the Knight of Coins is a conservative who decides to stay put and work hard to achieve what he wants. This card invites you to be patient, as all the good things take time. It indicates that you are trustworthy and reliable, organized and practical, and focused on working hard to make the ground beneath you fertile again. Focus on the task at hand, and remember that your ambition is not what will get you through. Day after day, determination, a sense of responsibility, and commitment will help you achieve success.

The Knight of Coins indicates that the road to success is envisioning your goal, planning the best course of action, and methodically sticking to your route until you achieve it. Like the Knight, you have chosen a conservative path. You’ve experimented in the past, but failure after failure, you’ve discovered the secret recipe. You know what works for you, and you stick to your ways.



Perfectionism / boredom / demotivation / apathy / laziness / disloyalty


The Knight of Coins, in reverse, symbolizes that you are aching for something new. Things have stayed the same too long, and you’re excited for new opportunities outside your routine. Acting on these impulses, however, will take you further away from your goals. Stay focused on your priorities and reconsider your decisions.

Alternatively, this card indicates that you want all the success and reach without, however, being willing to finish what you started or put in any hard work. You are called to start putting in the effort required to start seeing the results you want. Rewards and recognition will not be handed to you by destiny. Instead of dreaming how you wish things were, start taking action today. Take responsibility for how things are, begin planning a new course of action, and don’t give up until you see results.


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