King of Wands - Cocorrina


King of Wands

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Authority / power / success / energy / experience / confidence


The King of Wands represents the energy, courage, and experience you need to achieve all your goals. You are a good leader; by taking control of your life, your confidence inspires those who look up to you. You know what you are doing, have faith in your inner voice, and deeply trust your intuition. The opinion of others doesn’t matter to you as your heart knows the way, and you know how to allow it to guide you in the right direction. You are fearless and motivated to reach success in all of your endeavors.

With the King of Wands, you trust your skills and energy rather than your emotions. You have clarity in where you are going and your next steps; you solve problems and don’t stop until you have won all the battles. This card urges you to put a structure to maintain your calmness and productivity.



Avoidance / arrogance / cruelty / impulsiveness/ abuse / lack of experience


In a reversed position, the King of Wands represents a misuse of power. Be on guard and notice if you are undermining the authority of others or tend to take over control. This card indicates that you are in a leadership position but need more experience and energy to achieve your goals. You feel like you have given away your power and no longer have faith in yourself and your skills. You find yourself fearing to disappoint those who look up to you, and in the process, you are setting yourself up for failure. The voice in your heart isn’t strong, so you end up worrying about the opinions of others. You hold the power of how you experience life through expressing yourself.

Alternatively, the King of Wands may indicate that you’ve become arrogant and are abusing your power and position. You can be aggressive when pursuing your goals, not minding who stands between you and what you want.


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