King of Swords - Cocorrina


King of Swords

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Compassion / diplomacy / sympathy / tolerance / structure / rationality


The King of Swords symbolizes structure, intellectual authority, power, and self-discipline. You are in your power now, and there is the energy you carry in yourself that you may need in this moment. You rule from a place of power and respect and make decisions from a place of well-positioned judgment. Logic is more important than emotion now; the head rules over the heart, and the decisions are being made by critical thinking based on facts rather than feelings. You are fiercely loyal; you use your intellect to deal with all the situations. You are called to seek the truth, find your voice, and express it. Tell your story, speak your truth. You do well in a structured environment and need an organized schedule to be effective.

This card, in reverse, signifies that you have complete clarity of the situation and can easily leave your emotions out of your judgment. The King of Swords represents a calm, disciplined, powerful, rational, and logical male figure. 



Moodiness / inner emotions / repression / withdrawal / irrational / illogical


The King of Swords, in reverse, signifies a moment to pause and turn to your inner wisdom. This is the card of reason, integrity, and self-discipline. You are overthinking and find yourself wrapped up in emotions, but they also easily control you. You are not using your head, and it feels like you’re losing control. You are a quiet power, deeply connected to your truth and values. You are easily losing your calm and lack reasoning. Morality and integrity have been compromised.

This card, in reverse, represents someone who is intelligent and alluring but has only his interests in mind. Turn your inwards - outwards and put your energy into expressing your emotions vocally. Allow space for your intuition rather than allowing feelings to overcome you.


What is the truth of this situation?

Which path is the best one?