King of Coins - Cocorrina

King of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Control / abundance / security / stability / status / loyalty


The King of Coins signifies that you are proud of your achievements and have finally reached your goals. This King is the King of all wealth, and he indicates that you have reached your fullest potential in the material realm. You have stayed focused and accomplished all your goals; great things are coming now. Maintain the same energy manage your abilities, and you can pursue even more significant goals. The sky is the limit to what you can achieve with this King by your side. The ground beneath your feet is so stable that nothing can move you. Use your experience and knowledge to keep this abundance in your life.

This card represents a male fatherly figure who is confident, trustworthy, loyal, a generous provider, and can successfully and effortlessly attract wealth. This card is a good omen in a reading as it represents the successful completion of a project.



Poor financial decisions / materialism / greediness / corruption / instability


The King of Coins, in reverse, indicates that you may be overly possessive over the things that bring you comfort. You are being greedy and or extravagant and are at the edge of losing your hard-earned possessions. There is a desire for fast and easy success without all the dedication. Don’t look for quicker or easier routes. Success comes with hard work, and you must finish what you started. Focus on working harder on your skills to reach your goals, and remember that material wealth isn’t the only wealth in life. This card signifies losing status, failing goals, and making hasty decisions. 

You are reminded that the actual value isn’t determined by price or appearance. The greatest things in life, happiness, and stability, aren’t always material wealth. This card warns you of an unhealthy obsession with money and status. Ask yourself what truly brings you happiness and feeds your soul. What truly matters in life?


How important are material possessions to me?

In what ways do others rely on me?