Four of Wands - Cocorrina

Four of Wands

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Harmony / celebration / reunion / coming home / surprises


The Four of Wands makes you feel like you fit in and signifies home reunions, celebrations, and surprises that make you feel welcome and supported. Regardless of your journey, take a moment to admire all your hard work and celebrate all the little and big victories. This card signifies support, stability, prosperity, and a harmonious home. This is a period of happiness and balance for you, a time to get together with your loved ones and feel loved. You feel blissful happiness and appreciate everything in your life.

The Three of Pentacles indicates that you feel at home, supported, and loved when you’re close to your home and family. This card speaks of your immediate and close environment, so look into anything related to your family and home. After a period of growth, expansion, and adventure (with the three previous pentacles), you have earned a rest and balance to go home and rest. Step back for action for a moment and appreciate everything you have achieved.



Canceled celebration / self-doubt / divided community /


The Four of Wands signifies canceled ceremonies and a lack of community spirit. You may experience some delays and setbacks. Focus on regaining your interest; remember, this is a temporary situation. In addition, this card indicates a breakdown in your home's balance and harmony. A lack of support and tension between the family members makes you feel unstable.

Alternatively, the Four of Wands speaks of your inner world instead of your close environment. That may mean that you are celebrating the achievement of personal goals or treating yourself to something nice as a reward. While the Four of Wands speaks of domestic bliss, its reversed interpretation refers to inner harmony, happiness, and balance. You have reached a new level of stability and know your self-worth.


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