Four of Swords - Cocorrina

Four of Swords




Meditation / contemplation / restoration / sanctuary / solitude / rest


The Four of Swords signals a period of rest and contemplation to plan your next move carefully. Meditation will bring you clarity, so sit still and quiet to reflect. Even if you know some changes need to be made soon, find easiness and comfort in this peaceful time, as it will rejuvenate you. While this card signifies a time of solitude and meditation, fear and anxiety have led you to that state of rest. When this card appears in a reading, it indicates that you have been emotionally overwhelmed and are seeking solutions to your problems.

The Four of Swords comes with a positive message telling you that you're lost in your anxiety, but there are plenty of solutions in front of you as long as you take a moment to contemplate calmly. It would be best if you desperately had restoration, so leave aside your fears and calmly plan the next steps for your future.



Stagnation / exhaustion / burnout / mental strength / healing


The Four of Swords in reverse indicates that you are burned out. You cannot sit still, and that brings you exhaustion and restlessness. The anxiety is taking over, and you are called to take some time out and reconsider your options. While your mind is uneasy, find that calm spot within you and draw it out to withdraw and think about the path forward. You don't need to think about everything all at once. Restlessness has taken over you, but you need to start caring for yourself because you are at the edge of breaking down.

Alternatively, from a different point of view, you may be coming out from a time of deep rest and contemplation, awakened with a fresh state of mind and wisdom. You are now re-joining the world and are slowly recovering from whatever brought you to your isolation. Healing is possible, and you've already made the biggest and most courageous steps.


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