Four of Coins - Cocorrina


Four of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Control / security / conservation / possessiveness / financial stability


The Four of Coins represents financial stability, and although you now may feel safe, there’s a fear of lack for the future. You are holding on too tightly to what you have, money, relationships, and people in general, to create a sense of security. This fear may take over as a result of working harder but simultaneously losing the balance and sight of what is truly important in life. This card is a warning to look closer to what you are clinging to. Is it perhaps something that’s harming you, like an unhealthy situation or toxic relationship? Some issues may affect you, and you must process and let go.

With the Four of Coins, you must establish boundaries and understand where that fear comes from. In its more positive interpretation, you have created abundance and financial security by working with focus and dedication. You are saving money to maintain comfort in the present and your future.



Sharing / self-protection / possessiveness / shedding the old / generosity /


The Four of Coins, in reverse, signifies that you are ready to release everything you have been afraid to let go of. Toxic relationships and possessions no longer have a hold over you. You understand that these situations are no longer healthy for you and are ready to cut your tire with them. In addition, you will feel generous and share your possessions, but beware of people wanting to take advantage of you. Money and material possessions are no longer a priority to you, and you are putting your relationships and spiritual development at the top of your list.

Alternatively, this card talks about possessiveness. You feel stable and safe, but financial greediness is blocking your emotional and spiritual growth. You are unwilling to let go, missing opportunities and real pleasures. Loosen up a little to avoid setting yourself back. Relax and approach situations with a more open attitude. Don’t try to control everything.


What am I clinging to?

Do I ask for more than I need?