Five of Cups - Cocorrina

Five of Cups




Disappointment / regret / loss / grief / failure / pessimism / discontent


The Five of Cups represents pessimism and sorrow. This is a card that contains all kinds of negative emotions. You have suffered loss and pain; you feel lonely and in despair. You are not only focusing on the negative, but with your current mindset, you also attract it. This negativity may result from past trauma or hardships you've endured. While things may feel insufferable right now, you can shift your focus on forgiveness; it's the key to releasing your emotions and moving through the grieving process.

This card also shows up in a reading when you have suffered loss or gone through a mourning and grief period. A lot of emotional baggage comes with the Five of Cups, and you're feeling it all in your core: anger, disappointment, loneliness, isolation. Behind all this negativity, however, is a positive message. Remember that they will not always remain that way, no matter how bad things are. This will pass soon, and you will return to the other side.



Moving on / self-forgiveness / acceptance / finding peace / contentment


The suffering is all behind you now with the reversed Five of Cups, and you are healing. You can finally look at the situation's bright side and find acceptance. The most challenging times are behind you now, and you've realized that moving forward is the only way to happiness. Nothing will change if you remain stuck in the past, and there is no point in living in regret and sadness, so you have forgiven and moved on. You have accepted the things that have happened and found valuable lessons through your hardships.

This card signifies that you are ready to return to the world now that you have released all the negative emotions and baggage. You are prepared to recognize the valuable lessons of that painful experience and its role in the larger scheme of things. Your suffering and grief have made you much stronger and wiser.


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