Eight of Wands - Cocorrina

Eight of Wands



Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Home / travel / communication / speed / progress / movement


Things are speeding up with the Eight of Wands, and life will get busier. This card represents rushing, movement, and sudden action. A sense of freedom is in the clear sky, and you may feel your mind is clearing. You are feeling very positive and full of energy. Whatever project you taken on at this moment will gain momentum fast. Your thinking and planning and the steps you take will be fast. Finding solutions will be easy for you, and your work will pay off quickly.

There are always things to learn, so be open to new ideas. The difficulties are finally over, and things in your life peak at their pace. Be patient, and know that whatever you have been waiting for will reach you sooner than later. The Eight of Wands is also a bringer of positive news but also signifies that you may soon be swept off your feet.



Slowness / stagnation / lack of energy / lack of speed / bad timing / cancellations


The Eight of Wands reversed represents stalled progress. It’s the card of slowness, lack of movement, and action. You might experience a delay or cancellation in your plans or trips, miss opportunities, and lose momentum. No matter how patient you are and how much work you put in, things seem not working out. You’re feeling out of energy at this point and exhausted from pushing harder and harder. Perhaps this is not the right time for what you want to achieve, so instead of rushing things when they seem like they’re resisting, take time to regroup, ground yourself, and take a breath.

Alternatively, the Eight of Wands in reverse urges you to slow down when things feel a little out of control. The world may blur a little, or you may be moving too fast. Take some time off and focus on the little things to make time go slower.


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