Eight of Cups - Cocorrina

Eight of Cups




Withdrawal / escapism / walking away /self-discovery / introspection


In general, the Eight of Cups represents abandonment. You feel disappointed or exhausted from a situation and want to escape to a different reality. You are turning your back on people or plans and leaving a bad situation behind. The unknown is ahead of you, and you might find that scary initially. A journey of self-discovery awaits you, so take a deep breath, and if this feels right, say goodbye to your past.

This card has your back and urges you to move on. It takes a lot of strength and courage to walk away and seek for your happiness. If you have outgrown a situation, it's time to leave the comfort of the routine and explore. You deserve something better and have realized that more is there for you. The Eight of Cups also represents travel and adventure, so whatever you find ahead of you will be much more fulfilling than whatever you leave behind.



Indecision / avoidance / fear of change / fear of loss / stagnation / monotony


In reverse, the Eight of Cups indicates your fear of leaving, moving on, or running away from your problems. Take a big breath and step towards a new beginning. Don't be afraid of change; you will only gain so much once you move forward. What the future holds for you isn't certain, but it's time to face reality and admit that even if you appear happy, that isn't the reality deep in your heart. Generally, this card represents stagnation and monotony. This is the time to shake things up and remove yourself from a bad situation that makes you unhappy.

This card also represents fear. Generally, it's a fear of change, but it also signifies that you may be running away from your problems because you're afraid to face them. You must embrace your vulnerability and realize that you deserve a better future, choice, and happiness.


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