Eight of Coins - Cocorrina

Eight of Coins

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina




Skill / craftsmanship / talent / accomplishment / expertise / commitment


The Eight of Coins represents a period of dedication that will soon turn any project into a complete masterpiece with your hard work and talent. This is a time of hard work and commitment, and you are willing to put all your skills, energy, and talents into what you are working on. In the end, your efforts will be rewarded as you will see the completion of your goals and be showered with rewards.

You may be working hard to improve your skills but be aware of the time and the journey required to persevere. You are working steadily and accurately towards what you want to achieve and be the best. So, even if what you do feels mundane or tiring at some point, don’t give up! You’re very close to seeing its completion. Be aware, as it can get easy to burn yourself out. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, take breaks, and find a balance between rest and work.



Low skill / lack of motivation / rushed job / failure / carelessness


The Eight of Coins, in reverse, may indicate that you are stuck in a routine that no longer inspires you or is simply a task your heart isn’t in. This routine has made you feel lazy and careless of the functions. In general, there is a lack of motivation, and you have lost sight of what you truly want. You may experience a drop in income, which is affected by your current attitude. Make changes to spark your creativity, and avoid being too critical of your work. Enjoy yourself and the process without concentrating on the result.

Alternatively, the Eight of Coins in reverse means that you are not putting in the work that is needed towards the goal you want to achieve. You lack focus and planning, are unorganized, and have spread yourself too thin. Take some time to regroup and find what made you passionate about this goal. Start planning and prioritize the tasks and steps you need to take.


What does it take to develop my skills?

Does my work feel meaningful?