Ace of Wands - Cocorrina


Ace of Wands

Aurora Tarot Deck by Cocorrina



Potential / inspiration / growth / new beginnings / good news


The Ace of Wands urges you to follow your creative spark. Good news and great new beginnings are underway. Have faith that your passion and potential will lead you to great things. When this card appears in a reading, take action! Start something new, develop a new skill, discover a new passion, and what sparks your soul. This card brings fresh energy and an opportunity to work with your creative spark and be bold and spontaneous. Be excited; potential and growth are in the air for anything you wish.

The Ace of Wands represents fertility and physical birth, but it is also one of creative ideas. The fire this card represents comes straight from your soul; it’s your true inner voice that you can’t hold back. When you see this card, it’s your sign to go for whatever is on your mind. Follow your instinct and inner voice and take the first steps into that creative concept you have.



Lack of energy / creative blocks / delays / creative blocks / disappointing news


The Ace of Swords, in reverse, represents setbacks and delays. You may have received disappointing news or frustration and a creative block in your life. You’re seeking your lost motivation, but before you jump in to take action, slow your pace and wait for the right opportunity. Things seem dull in your life as you’ve lost that spark and passion that made the world colorful and meaningful. You need to take back control and rediscover what makes you tick. Prioritize and listen to your heart. It may appear that you’re moving slowly and there’s a lack of progress, but don’t be discouraged to try something new outside your comfort zone.

With the Ace of Wands in reverse, life seems unpredictable and boring, so jump in and say yes to anything daring, bold, or out of the ordinary.


Do I follow the spark in my heart?

How can I be more bold and daring?